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R&D Center 15 Atir Yeda St. Kfar Saba
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Boaz Litai
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PureSight Technologies Ltd
Company Profile
PureSight Technologies Ltd. is a world leader in online child safety products and technology.Established in 2005 with the mission of providing a safe online environment for children in this world of technology. Our aim is to help parents protect their children by becoming more involved in their online lives.Typically we partner with ISP, Mobile Carriers and Telcos to provide a co-branded version of PureSight’s products as VAS services to their Subscribers. During 2013 we...Read more

Company News
PureSight is offering unique partnerships and business opportunities to ISPs , Mobile Carriers and Telcos! Please email us at: Boaz.l@puresight.com

This is the 3rd year in a row that PureSight's online child safety program, PureSight Owl, ranked highest overall in the SIP Benchmark III study for online child safety tools, funded by the European Commission's Safer Internet Program. http://www.sipbench.eu/transfer/study_report_1st_cycle.pdf
PureSight achieved the highest overall score in this study, which tests for functionality, effectiveness, security and usability, for all age groups
PureSight's product portfolio includes:
PureBrowser a PureSight APK for Smartphone & Tablets
PurePC a personal computer product and
PureGate a platform for delivering PureSight service via Residential Gateways.
Uniquely, all PureSight products are controlled from one unified family account on the web via an easy to use Parent Portal
From the functional perspective, PureSight's products are designed to deal with a wide range of online threats that kids may be encountering during their activities online:
-Social Media monitoring & protection from cyberbullying events
-Cyberbullying prevention over Instant Messaging and Chat applications
-Smart, real time dynamic filtering of inappropriate content such as adult material, gambling, self harm etc.
-Management of over consumption of time by online activities
-Reports & Alerts both online in real-time and periodic by push messages to the parents
Business Opportunity
PureSight is offering the following partnerships and business opportunities:

-ISP, Mobile Carriers, Telco partnership for providing value added services
-Partnerships for local Representatives, Agents
-OEM Partnership opportunity
-PureSight Affiliates

ISP Mobile Carriers Telco partnership for providing value added services
ISP Mobile Carriers Telco who partner with PureSight can benefit from increased business opportunities and an enhanced image as a socially responsible company, while giving their customers...Read more
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