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Southern Industrial Zone, POB 3032, Ashkelon,
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Omer Yatir
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Rav Bariach
Company Profile
Rav-Bariach was established in 1973 and has been a leader in the door manufacturing field ever since.The company and its leading brand “Pladelet” have become synonymous with security doors and its stellar reputation is a result of its top quality products, creative thinking, uncompromised quality and millions of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.In 1976, Rav-Bariach introduced the first steel security door manufactured in its factory. While a novelty in the front door marketplace...Read more

Omer Yatir, VP-Marketing contact@israelexporter.com

High Security Doors
The most advanced steel door in the world, while incorporating all the latest technologies, make it the best security system for residential and commercial entrances.

Decorative Doors
Rav-Bariach offers a large selection of top designed, decorative, security doors, in a large variety of colors and finishes. All our doors are designed by Rav-Bariach's designers to suit a wide range of tastes, and are adjustable to accommodate any of our clients' preferences

Fire-Proof Doors
Rav-Bariach's fire-proof door is designed for installation in stairways, passageways, schools, educational institutions, eletricity rooms, generator rooms, flammable material warehouses and any other locations that require protection from fire. Rav-Bariach's fire-proof doors are available in both single and double leaf versions ana supplied in construction framrs only. The structure is made of reinforced steel with a high security, 3-way lock and various other accessories.

Bullet-Proof Doors
For more than 10 years, Rav Bariach has been providing bullet-proof doors for Israeli and foreign institutions, consulates and embassies in Isreal and around the world

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