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Shaul Rom
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Company Profile
Reali Technologies LTD. developed, markets and operates RealiteQ, a complete IT (Information Technology) infrastructure that facilitates the monitoring, data acquisition and control of remote systems which are distributed at various locations and even operate worldwide.
RealiteQ is installed and operates in municipal and other areas to control water and energy systems. Some of the installed control systems operate worldwide.
Reali Technologies LTD. is a private owned company and a...Read more

Shaul Rom, Founder and CEO

Cex (Integrated Cellular & Ethernet Explorer)
Producer gateway between Producers (such as PLC's or other RTU's) and the COMP

Communication Service
A basic service to keep your producer data online.

Web Interface
Basic tools to configure, build, edit, monitor and control your system. It can run on any browser on any platform: PC, PDA, smart Cellular phone and even Phone with a simple WAP interface.

A tool to configure and trace the iCex functionality.

A full-featured graphic HMI application including development and run-time environments. RealiView can display hundreds of nodes values on different graphic displays, real time alarms, alarms history, trends and variables history.

An OPC server used to expose nodes values to a standard third-party HMI's. The ROPC can act also as OPC client and can use as Producer gateway to other OPC servers.

An automation COM that follows a standardized protocol to expose the functionality of RealiteQ system to other pieces of software. Among the many clients of automation objects are: Visual Basic and Excel.

Adds embedded RealiteQ Producer Functionality to your product.
Business Opportunity
Reali Technologies LTD. is seeking cooperation with OEMs and integrators with national and international projects.
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