The First 3-Dimensional, Laparoscopic Retractor - Simulating a Surgeons Hand - Case Study


A key factor in safe and effective laparoscopic surgery is the surgeon's ability to conveniently view the working area and create a good surgical window in a consistent, controlled manner.


Introducing the A-Lap

The A-Lap (developed by EZsurgical) is the first 3-Dimensional, Laparoscopic Retractor - Simulating a surgeons Hand


The A-Lap™ 3-Dimensional "hand-like" design allows optimal soft-tissue retraction for General surgery, Gynecology and Urology procedures.



See Video Here - A-Lap Animation 




Case Study - Utilizing the A-Lap “Hand-Like” Laparoscopic Retractor


Lap Restorative Proctectomy Utilizing the A-Lap “Hand-Like” Laparoscopic Retractor


Clinical History:
A healthy 60 year old male patient was diagnosed with a T2N0 mid rectal carcinoma. The patient was electively admitted for a restorative proctectomy with coloanal anastomosis.


Surgeon: Steven D. Wexner, MD
Department of Colorectal Surgery and the Division of Research and Education, Cleveland Clinic Florida


Laparoscopic mobilization of the splenic flexure and descending colon and division of the inferior mesenteric artery and vein were performed, as was total mesorectal excision. Despite optimal table positioning, persistent redundancy of the small bowel obstructed the surgical field and precluded safe dissection and vascular control.

To facilitate safe dissection, the ALap was introduced via the EZAxess flexible port through a small incision in the left upper quadrant. EZAxess is a silicon port that is compatible with the A-Lap retractor as well as with other standard 5-6mm laparoscopic tools.


During the procedure the A-Lap was used to gently retract loops of small bowel, thus allowing optimal exposure while performing safe precise dissection, mobilization and vascular control.

The operative and post operative course were unremarkable and the patient was discharged on post operative day 4.


The A-Lap retractor was used in this procedure to assist in safe gentle retraction of the small bowel, allowing optimal exposure. The A-Lap retractor may be used in a variety of laparoscopic surgical procedures for different indications to assist in intra-abdominal retraction and facilitate optimal exposure of the surgical field while preventing injuries to the retracted organs.


A-Lap retraction is attributed to its unique 3-D structure and material composition allowing delivery of a large intra-abdominal retracting device through a small incision




About EZsurgical
EZsurgical develops manufactures and markets innovative medical devices aiming to improve patient care and simplify procedures for surgeons.


EZsurgical products are sold worldwide with extensive clinical experience in a variety of procedures. The products are simple to use and do not alter the surgical procedure.

EZsurgical is seeking to connecting with distributors in India - relevant professionals (only) can email 



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