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Melah Haarez St. POB 7, Atlit 3035001
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Avi Freund
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Salt of the Earth
Company Profile
Salt of The Earth Ltd., part of the Arison Group, operates in the industrial, financial and real-estate areas. The industrial activities are handled by the Salt of The Earth Eilat, Israel’s major producer of salt since 1922. Salt of The Earth Eilat produces and sells salt to the industry and to the retail market, locally and in the export markets.
Salt of The Earth Ltd. is a deep-rooted and ever-renewing company, developing industry which is beneficial to mankind, to the community...Read more

Avi Freund, Export Manager

Giorit Carmi , Marketing Manager

-Retailed Packaged Salt: sea salt comes from the clear water of the Red Sea, contains the aromas of the sea and the sun, providing the unique and loved taste to the Israeli cuisine. The salt comes in packages of (1kg) plastic or carton, PL is available

-Industrial packages Salt: Salt carrying a different chemical carachteristics, like granule size. That type of salt is designed to support various industrial needs like for: meat koshering, cheese manufacturing, pickling, water softening, leather tanning, plastic industry, drilling and others.

-Bath Salts: Dead Sea therapy in your bath.Today these salts are used for relaxation and enjoyment and for many medical purposes, and from now on, even in the luxury of your own bathroom.

-Dish Washers Salt: Special salt acting as water softenner for house appliances.

-Licking Lumps: Licking lumps produced by Salt of the earth, from Sedom mountain on the shores of the Dead Sea

-Functional salts: A series of targeted products for focal consumers oriented on health and life quality

Business Opportunity
Salt of the Earth is seeking to connect with retailers and distributors in Western Europe and food companies.
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