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Shimon Gross Ph.D.
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Savyon Diagnostics
Company Profile
For more than 25 years Savyon Diagnostics has gained its reputation as a company specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing of in vitro diagnostics kits.Our core business is manufacturing high-quality test systems for the diagnosis of Infectious Diseases and for Genetic Screening through a worldwide distribution network. We are constantly progressing and improving as we always seek to comply with our customers’ needs through innovative development yielding top-notch quality products. A...Read more
Company News
ECCMID - Copenhagen, Denmark 25-28 April 2015
Visit us at Booth no. 273

AACC, Atlanta, USA, July 28-30 2015
Visit us at Booth no. 804

CoproELISA C.difficile GDH and Tox A/B kits
Now available , the new CoproELISA C. difficile kits for screening and confirmation of Clostridium diffile Associated Diarrhea for both GDH and Tox A/B. Please contact us for further information
Shimon Gross Ph.D., Director of Sales & Marketing

Savyon Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets high quality diagnostic kits and systems for the detection of Infectious Diseases and Genetic Screening for more than 30 years through a worldwide network of over 80 distributors.

Savyon Diagnostics is a member of the Gamida for Life group of companies, based in the Netherlands, which is engaged in Healthcare related operations worldwide. 

Savyon Diagnostics product lines can be categorized according to areas of disease diagnosis:

-Sexually Transmitted Diseases
-Respiratory Tract Infections
-Gastrointestinal Pathogens
-Genetic Carriers Screening
-Urinary Tract Infections
-Women’s Health
Business Opportunity
We are seeking to expand our distribution network in selected countries and/or for selected products
•Strategic and OEM partnerships
•Analytical Services to the Pharma Community
•Contract Manufacturing opportunities
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