Case Study + Pictures: Pre-Trade Show Intelligence & Business Development = Busy Booth



Silentium is the only provider of active noise reduction technology.


Silentium's Quiet Bubble™ technology is a spatial Active Noise Reduction solution introducing a personal quiet zone around the passenger's head.


Silentium is the only Quiet Bubble™ technology provider in the world


The system can be integrated within the headrest and/or seat to allow a quieter interior environment.


The core of the Quiet Bubble™ is Silentium's S-Cube™ controller, which can be used as standalone electronics or integrated into infotainment hardware, e.g. audio amplifier.


Silentium was planning to exhibit at The Aircraft Interiors Expo (April 14-16, 2015) which is the world's leading Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg, Germany. With over 800 airline buyers, 500+ suppliers and over 13,800 attendees.


Skylimit and the teams worked together on the pre-exhibition intelligence/research and reaching out to relevant professionals visiting the show.


Both teams had exactly one month to produce results.


Step 1: Understanding the Market:


In a nutshell:


In order to integrate this type of technology there are three types of players (i.e. target markets) involved

  1. Airline
  2. Aircraft Seat Manufacturers
  3. In-Flight Infotainment Companies

Research Process:
The team conducted in-depth research on all three categories in order to identify the right professionals from each category who would be visiting the Aircraft Interiors Expo.


Once the research was completed the information was transferred to the Skylimit team.


In addition, the IsraelExporter team provided pre-show exposure for Silentium via LinkedIn targeting relevant professionals visiting the show.


From Research to Business Development
The beauty of accurate intelligence/information is that it allows the business development team to work effectively without having to waste time on irrelevant leads.


The Skylimit team reached out to the leads and was able to pre-schedule a nice number of meetings for Silentium at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.


The show was a great success.
Silentium established many new contacts with Airlines, Aircraft Seat Manufacturers and In-Flight Infotainment Companies.


Moving Forward:
Skylimit will continue the business development process and bring the Silentium technology to the aircraft market.


Silentium CEO Yossi Barath (left) and Chief Marketing Officer Yoel Naor with the Quiet-bubble seat.

(Photo Credit: Austrian Avitation News)


Herzel Sharet of Skylimit attended the show with Silentium 




The Quiet-bubble seat










Professionals interested in learning more about Silentium - can email: 



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