S.K.M Aeronautics
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24 Nachshon st, Segula Petach Tikva
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Yuval Erez
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S.K.M Aeronautics
Company Profile
S.K.M Aeronautics 1987 LTD is one of Israel’s leading rubber industry companies. We specialize in producing molded and injected rubber parts for the automotive, aviation, transportation, high-tech and many other industries.
We manufacture O-Rings, different kinds of rubber seals, vehicle and aviation spare parts, brake rubber parts (SAE J1601, Israeli standard number 225), integrated rubber, plastic and metal parts and many other rubber products.
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Yuval Erez,

S.K.M Aeronautics produces more then 2800 different O-Rings Sizes according to known standards and special sizes as well.

Brake Rubber Parts
S.K.M Aeronautics produces different kinds of brake rubber parts for the automotive industry, According to SAE Standards:
SAE J1601: Rubber cups for hydraulic actuating cylinders.
SAE J1603: Rubber seals for hydraulic disc brake cylinders.
SAE J1604: Rubber boots for drum-type hydraulic brake wheel cylinder.
SAE J1605: Brake master cylinder reservoir diaphragm gasket.

MS35489: Grommets synthetics and silicon rubber hot-oil and coolant resistant.
MS35490: Grommet rubber split general propose.

Rubber Molded Parts
S.K.M Aeronautics specializes in producing tailor made molded rubber parts. Most of our products are produced according to the customer's specific request.

Avionics Spare Parts
S.K.M Aeronautics is a certified supplier for avionics rubber spare parts.
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