Video: 'Spider' Advanced Water Deployment System - Developed by EZpack


Spider™ (developed by EZpack) introduces a new highly efficient concept in water deployment replacing the veteran WWII Buffalo trailers.


 The Spider 



Within minutes, the 800 liters double layer bladder is setup ready for service, freeing the delivery vehicle and the trailer for the next mission. Water deployment was never so fast, convenient and cost-effective.


The spider was designed for the standard trailer M1102 but can easily be used on almost any other trailer and pickups.


The Spider features

  • Unique “Drop & Go”
  • 800L/200G volume
  • Any trailer/pickup delivery
  • Cold & fresh water
  • Easy storage
  • Zero maintenance
  • No chlorination
  • Rapid deployment

The Bladder
The bladder is based on EZPack proprietary 2 layers technology. The external layer, made of rigid PVC, and inner insert – made of food graded materials – that holds the drinking water. The inner insert is replaced before the SpiderTM is re-stored, eliminating the need for cleaning or chlorination. The bladder is isolated, and shaded in order to preserve the water temperature. The SpiderTM has 4 to 6 integral spigots to maintain high service level.

Efficient Storage
When in storage, all Spider™ related parts are placed in the basket for storage. The baskets , with a foot print of two pallets each, can then be loaded in up to three levels in order to save space.



  • Weight with 800 liter/200 gallon bladder – 1,000 kg/2,750 lb.
  • Storage dimensions (The basket size) – 120X200X60 cm / 48″ x 79″ x 24″
  • Water Bladder: Volume – 800 liter/200 gallon
  • Outer material
  • Material – PES 1100 Dtx (PES 1000Den)
  • Polymer – PVC
  • Material weight – ASTM D 751 – 610 gr/m2 (19 oz./yud2)
  • Tearing force – ASTM D 751 Procedure B – 285/275 lb./inch (250/230 kg/cm)
  • Inner insert – PE / Met PET / PE




EZPack Water manufactures and markets the most advanced Water Storage and Distribution Systems (WSDS).
The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency, disaster relief, construction and mining industry, military, home and outdoor, and others.
The company has developed the Water Storage & Distribution System (WSDS) – the most advanced system for water supply. The WSDS is the ultimate solution supplying the water in various situations.


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