Summary of Activities & Pictures


Its been a wild and crazy-busy few months here at the


Increasing Israeli exports is the name of the game.


Here is a summary of some of our recent activities:



Exhibitions and More Exhibitions

The team has been working hard behind the scenes promoting, researching and connecting with potential distributors and relevant professionals visiting the following exhibitions (where IsraelExporter companies have already or will be exhibiting):

  • IDS - dental
  • Naidex - mobility products
  • Cosmoprof - cosmetics & skin care
  • ISC West - security
  • MIDO - eyewear
  • OPTI - eyewear
  • Aircraft Interior Expo
  • Hannover Messe - Industrial
  • PLMA - food & non food
  • International Housewares show
  • Batibouw - interior design
  • Fruit Logistica
  • National Hardware Show

Ongoing Research Activities for Companies:

Important note: We use a wide variety of in-house tools and proven techniques to find this information which is often like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Our goal is to provide a nice number of relevant contacts in order to provide accurate information for the sales and marketing teams of the companies we work with:

  • Medical equipment distributors in the Netherlands, UK and Italy
  • Medical device distributors in the UK, India, Germany and South Africa
  • Cosmetic distributors in Poland
  • Beauty device distributors in Europe
  • Dental distributors in Europe and USA
  • Agriculture distributors in Spain, USA and France
  • Building supplies distributors - Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Belgium and Africa
  • Wine importers and distributors in the USA, India, Philippines, Japan and Singapore
  • Houswares distributors - USA
  • Aquaculture equipment distributors and entrepreneurs in Africa, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Automobile distributors in South Africa and Europe
  • Pharma distributors in the USA
  • Garden product distributors in Norway and Denmark
  • Fruit importers in Europe, India and Argentina
  • Industrial product distributors in Germany
  • Eyewear distributors in Spain and Poland
  • Kidswear importers in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Water Tech distributors in China and USA
  • Water tank distributors in the USA

Outreaching and Leads Generated for Companies:

Aside from the research, the team invests a great deal of efforts in actual outreach and lead generation activities. Many distribution requests for specific products do come on their own (Google, LinkedIn, etc..) however but nothing beats the outreach activities since we are already "sitting" on the information:


Summary of leads for companies (distribution requests):

  • Pharma - USA, Jordan, Greece, Germany and Korea
  • Cosmetic - Poland, Korea and Canada
  • Eyewear - Spain, Poland and Italy
  • Medical - Germany, Australia, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal and USA
  • Agriculture - Africa, Spain and USA
  • Aquaculture - Africa, USA and Germany
  • Automobile - USA, South Africa, Netherlands
  • Jewelry - USA and Netherlands
  • Food - Argentina, USA, India, Russia
  • Dental - Italy, Germany, USA and Spain
  • Industrial - Germany, USA and France
  • Wine - USA
  • Security - Poland, Nigeria and USA
  • Water - USA and Brazil
  • Apparel - France and Dubai

News and Updates!


*The IsraelExporter/Skylimit team was invited by the Israel Manufacturers Association to deliver an afternoon seminar on international marketing and business development. The event will be attended by many of Israel's small to medium manufacturers.
Date: April 27. The following Skylimit/ Team members will be speaking: Moshe Sharet, Brian Berman and Hillel Porath


*Interested in selling to the kosher market in the USA?
Our information product for the food industry is now available: "Kosher Food Distributors in the USA" over 50 contacts of relevant kosher food distributors in the USA.

Email us at: 


*Seeking wine distributors in Germany?
NEW information product soon to be launched for the wine industry: "Wine Distributors in Germany" with relevant contacts.

Email us at: 


*All products will be available for companies around the world. Updates on new products in the coming weeks.


*We will be launching soon our Business Intelligence & Information Center. More news on that in the coming weeks.

Some Pictures of the Team!


 Moshe visiting the MedinIsrael Show


Team Brainstorming - Moshe, Herzel and Hillel




Getting Ready for a Meeting - Hillel, Brian and Moshe




 Weekly Team Brainstorming Meeting




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