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Mivtza Harel 46 St. Rishon-Letzion.
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Eric Katsav
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Tech 360 - Tracking Solutions
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TECH360 develops and produces advanced Monitoring & Control systems, using GSM, GPS and sub 1Ghz RF communication to integrate in automotive, personal, assets, and heavy-duty waterproof products.We are committed to Excellency in our products quality and offer quick and cooperative development process.We designed our systems to meet the requirements of our customers. Systems been Connected to service provider server by TECH360 TCP/IP Protocol and we...Read more

Eric Katsav , CMO

The GALIL-AVL is a compact, extremely user-friendly high performance GPS surveillance and tracking system. It easily mounts on any vehicle, boat, motorbike or any other moving object that needs accurate and reliable real time location tracking.

The GALIL-BITRA is an advanced ATM, motorcycle security and tracking system. It designed to easily mounts on any motorcycle and gives a full reliable real time anti theft and location tracking solution.

The GALIL-PETRA is a compact, extremely user-friendly high performance personal tracking unit that can also be used as an asset tracking unit.
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