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Beit Herut, Emek Hefer
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Guy John
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Trigon Lighting
Company Profile
Trigon Illumination is a family business, located in Beit Herut which is in Emek Heffer. We have been active ibn the illumination field for over 15 years, specializing in the regime of energetic streamlining. Our company deals with the planning, manufacturing and importing of professional lighting devices and accessories. Our products are uniquely designed and accustomed to all sectors – public, private, professional and business. We are prepared to provide any solution in the illumination regime.Read more
Company News
Trigon Lighting will be at the Euroshop Retail Trade Show in Germany - Dates 5-7 2017
Trigon Lighting is a leading manufacturer and planning of professional lighting devices and accessories for a wide range of markets such as:

-Ceiling lighting

-Recessed lighting

-Standing lighting

-Table lighting

-Wall lighting


-Suspention lighting
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