Tzora Active Systems
Transport & VehiclesVehicles for the Disabled
Employees: 10


Kibbutz Tzora 99803, Israel
Contact Person:
Adi Shemer
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Tzora Active Systems
Company Profile
Tzora Active Systems Ltd. is an Israeli-based high-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced medical rehabilitation products in two main categories: Powered Mobility Aids and Physical Rehabilitation that enhance and improve the lifestyle of the Age Related Mobility Impaired Population and the handicapped populations.
The company was incorporated as an independent company in January 1997 and is fully owned by Kibbutz Tzora, a private enterprise. The company employs over 55...Read more

Tzora Active Systems focuses on three product lines:

Easy Travel – A line of three and four wheel lightweight, collapsible electrical scooters
Samson Power Drive – A line of easily added-on Power Drive units that facilitate the maneuverability of manual wheel chairs.
Active Passive Trainers – A line of unique rehabilitation training machines, innovatively designed for both active and passive workouts.

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