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Michael Aharonson
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Upgrade Solutions
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Upgrade Solutions provides tailor-made water management systems for prestigious agricultural, industrial, municipal, corporate and NGO customers around the world. Our multi-purpose tanks and piping systems can be customized for the long-term storage of water, for the instant purification of drinking water, or for the intensive farming of fish.Upgrade Solutions is widely respected for its flexible and responsive approach to water management. We have developed a range of creative solutions for both the...Read more
Michael Aharonson, michael@skylimit.co.il

AquaLife Fish Farming Networks
AquaLife sets up networks of fish farms for rural communities with limited resources and basic infrastructure, 15-120 metric tons annually.
AquaLife can help you to build a network of community fish farms – backyard fish pools designed to operate at low cost and generate high returns.
Aqualife is based on unique aquaculture bio-filtration technology, designed to reduce water and energy consumption while maximizing fish yields.
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