Zuf Globus Laboratories
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Zuf Globus Laboratories
Company Profile
Based in Kiryat Shmona Israel, the company develops, produces and markets health beehive products, based on medicinal herbs. Zuf Globus Laboratories health beehive products are manufactured in a special process by bees that are fed mixtures of medicinal herbs which are specific for each product.Every mixture of medicinal herbs has unique properties for prevention, treatmentand alleviation of symptoms and/or illnesses. While processed by the honeybees,the properties of the...Read more

Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd. develops, produces and markets health products and nutritional supplements, whose primary components are honey and medicinal herbs.
Business Opportunity
Zuf Globus Laboratories is looking for distributors that have knowledge, experience
and access to the dietary/food supplements and/or alternative medicine market
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