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Angel Bakeries
Company Profile
n 1927, a respected Jerusalem family acquired a local bakery and began to turn it into a household name. Since those early days, Angel Bakeries has grown into a large enterprise, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, with an impressive turnover of $140 million in 2015. With 4 industrial bakeries around Israel, a dedicated factory for delicious cakes and pastries, and 20 convenient local bakeries, Angel Bakeries now produces hundreds of tasty baked good varieties, including breads, rolls, challahs,...Read more

Chen , Director of Marketing

Angel Bakeries' famous pita bread is available flash-frozen and easy to stock, baked specifically to meet store demand. This allows for easy-to-manage stock supplies and minimal waste. After just 3-4 minutes in the oven, the tempting aroma of freshly-baked pita bread fills the store and begins to attract passing customers. This process is quick and easy. It can usually be carried out with existing equipment, or with a nominal investment, and requires only brief employee training.
Business Opportunity
Angel Bakeries is seeking to connect with frozen food/Pita distributors in the UK
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