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Israeli companies listed on the website are looking for business cooperation on different levels with foreign companies. If you are an importer, distributor, investor, or looking for R&D cooperation or joint ventures, browse the business opportunities by category on the left, click for additional information, and then make direct contact with the relevant companies. If you have specific requests, and do not find relevant postings, just send us the details on the website contact form, and we will do our best to match you with suitable business partners.






Latest Business Opportunities

Date of offer Business Offer
04.02.2015 Hadiklaim Date Growers' Cooperative
Hadiklaim is seeking to connect with food importers and distributors in the following countries: -India -China -Brazil -Argentina -Hong Kong
04.02.2015 Maof
Maof is looking for distributors of aquaculture processing equipment, and accessories like pumps and nets. In addition we design and implement turnkey projects and expansion of existing facilities. Our team also supply on site and remote management control. Target markets include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda , and Tanzania. We are especially interested in distributors of the equipment in the German market.
04.02.2015 Perflex Ltd
Perflex is seeking to connect with Dental depots( distributors) who supply the raw material to Dental technicians, labs and dentists
04.02.2015 EK-Solutions
EK Solutions is seeking to connect with implant, dental surgical equipment and bone replacement distributors in world markets
04.02.2015 Afikim Electric Vehicles
Afikim is looking for mobility scooters distributors across the globe.
11.12.2014 Meteor Agriculture Nets
Meteor is looking for distrubutor/agents in agricultural areas worldwide, to promote and sell anti-Insect and shade solutions for greenhouses and nethouses. We also look for Joint-Venture and collaboration in local markets.
11.12.2014 Ezsurgical
Ezsurgical is Looking for distributors who supply hospitals and clinics that deal specifically in GENERAL SURGERY= surgery that is from neck down to hips. Target Markets: France, Germany, Poland, Benelux and Scandinavia
11.12.2014 Watermedia
Watermedia is seeking the following: 1. Advertisers and media companies: Purchase the product as an advertising platform and distribute the product as advertising space for sale. 2. Purchase by end customers: Institutions and public agencies, associations and private companies buy the product in order to serve an audience simultaneously upon presentation of clips and advertising according to their interests and - or the sale of advertisement.
11.12.2014 Breezy
Breezylike is looking for oral hygiene distributors who have good contacts with pharma chains, dental practices, pharmacies and companies in the following industries: Toiletries, Tooth paste manufacturers and personal care companies. Target markets: US, UK, Africa, Australia and the EU.
11.12.2014 Rafael's Healthy & Tasty
Rafael's Healthy & Tasty is looking for importer/distributors, independent sales reps in the US and EU markets.
21.10.2014 Med-Op Aesthetic Technologies
Med-Op Aesthetic Technologies is seeking to connecting with entrepreneurs and distributors in global markets
21.10.2014 Mr-Fix Carmit
Mr-Fix Carmit is seeking to connect with building material distributors in Croatia, Malta and Romania
21.10.2014 RB Doors
RB Doors is seeking to connecting with construction companies in the following markets: Tanzania, Uganda & Ethiopia
21.10.2014 Naveh Pharma
Naveh Pharma will be exhibiting at the Medica Trade Show in Germany
21.10.2014 Medic Shoes
Visiting the Medica Trade Show in Germany? Meet Medic Shoes!
06.08.2014 Couscous
Couscous is a leading manufacturer of traditional couscous , exporting to many countries around the world. The company is looking for distributors who work with chains and ethnic product stores. We are also looking for distributors who work with food /catering services. In the USA we are also interested in food packers, who buy bulk and repack under private label. Target markets include North America, EU, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Australia and other Asian countries. The products are of the highest quality , and are produced are under the GMP, HAACP and ISO-9001-2000 guidelines, with Kosher certificates
06.08.2014 KR Brushes
KR Brushes is seeking agents / distributors / chain store buyers for our quality consumer and industrial brushes
06.08.2014 Naveh Pharma
Naveh Pharma is a leading manufacturer of OTC Pharma products. The company markets its products under private label and as a company brand. We are looking for small pharmaceutical companies with marketing and sales departments to distribute or products (Medical reps, sales persons to pharmacies) in the smaller markets. In large population centers we are looking for a big pharmaceutical company that would market our products under private label. All our products are very effective and gain strong market share in each niche, regulated as Medical Devices of Classes I or IIA.
06.08.2014 Moraz Medical Herbs
Moraz is looking for well established importers and distributors of medical, para-medical and cosmetic products that are interested in expanding their import to unique cosmeceutical products, in particular the Far East and Pacific Countries: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Must have connections to relevant retailers such as: pharmacies, drug stores, pharmacies and natural health product shops.
06.08.2014 Elgo Irrigation
Elgo is looking for Either buyers at chains or distributors to DIY in the following markets: FRANCE, GERMANY, SCANDINAVIA, ITALY, SOUTH AMERICA, others in EUROPE, JAPAN
23.06.2014 Karat Caviar
Karat Caviar is seeking to connect with buyers/distributors in the seafood, caviar industry.
23.06.2014 Lageen Tuboplast
Lageen Tuboplast is seeking to connect with product/packaging managers at skin care/pharma manufacturers. Also with distributors to these industries
23.06.2014 Rushdi Food Industries
Rushdi is seeking food distributors in global markets
23.06.2014 D.F. Omer
DF Omer is interested in connecting with importers/distributors in Germany, importers/reps in the US and retail buyers in South Africa
23.06.2014 J&G Pecans Ltd
J&P Pecan Ltd are looking to connect with distributors in the snacks industry as well as connecting with ice cream, baking products, chocolate and cereal factories. Our products are also sold in ice cream parlors, coffee shops, and in the catering and airline supply industries. In particular, our honey baked pecans are available under private label as an addition to existing snack product lines.
30.09.2013 Actelis
Partnering with Actelis Networks will create an opportunity for resellers to provide their customers with Ethernet over Copper solutions. As more and more businesses demand high-speed, large bandwidth, Actelis technology provides certified resellers to design, sell and support Ethernet over Copper.
24.10.2011 Pollogen
Pollogen is looking to connect with professionals in the beauty industry, distributors, doctors, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, cosmeticians, beauty clinics, spas etc.
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