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Dan Raveh
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Asyia Design In The Spirit of Kabala
Company Profile
I've been dealing with matter all my life, but inside I knew there is another reality, besides the one we live in. As the years went by I set out to search this hidden reality. When I began, quite a few years ago, to study Kabala, the hidden reality became an existent one. From the learning of Kabala I understood my destiny and everymen's destiny. The basic life principle in Kabala is "to receive in order to influence". Thus started my way to achieve the coveted spiritual pleasure. By chance I discovered the...Read more

Dan Raveh,

-personal amulets
-protection amulets
-health amulets
-love amulets
-success & prosperity
-kabala jewlery
-ufo & kabala
-zodiac & signs
-General Amulets
-Artists & designers
Business Opportunity
Asyia Designs is seeking distributors, chainstores of silver products such as; Mystics, gifts, jewelry & judaica in the following countries, US, Germany, Austria and relevant vacation destination such as Baja Florida, mexico city and Capulco.
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