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Roy Keren
2 Hamal St., Afula 1857107
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BHI Implants LTD
Company Profile
BHI Company belongs to a group of companies, active in the implant and implantology field for more than 30 years. During the last 10 years the group has focused on developing and marketing products that are high-tech engineered designs for optimizal performance, based on an analysis of the 50 main parameters of implants and the implantation procedure. In fact, we can say that we unlocked the key to the secret of the implant structure! BHI is the leader of the ‘digital’ implant niche and its...Read more

Roy Keren, Head of Marketing & Sales

BHI Dental is a leading developer of
-Dental Implants
-Surgical Drills
-Surgical Instruments
-Surgical Accessories
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