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Michael Aharonson
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Dor.Ky D&D Ltd.
Company Profile
Dor.Ky D&D Ltd. is a family owned company which was founded by Dr. Kobi Yegana, Ph.D in Animal Immunology and Physiology from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The company is based on the knowledge accumulated by Dr. Yegana during 30 years of experience in the field of veterinary and plant protection products. Dor.Ky has the technology, experience and knowledge needed to develop, manufacture, register and distribute unique, innovative, generic/parallel, and even custom made...Read more
Michael Aharonson,

Products is involved in developing, manufacturing, registering and marketing of high quality products in different categories:
-Plant Protection
-Feed additives
-Various products for Dogs, Cats and other pets
-Products for Horses, Cattle and other animals
-Vaccine distribution
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