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Hasharon Industrial Park, P.O. Box 5014, Kadima, 60920
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Uri Bustan
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Ecozone Technologies
Company Profile
Ecozone Technologies was founded in 1995 and is based in the Hasharon Industrial Park, Kadima, Israel. It has grown into one of the global innovators in design and production of the fastest ozone machines in the world for eliminating unwanted odors.The backbone of Ecozone is its strength in applied science to the field of ozone generation and odor removal that continues until today. The driving force behind this effort is Dr. Amram Fried who has authored numerous papers on ozone related topics and heads...Read more
Company News
The Ecozone Technologies team will be visiting the United fresh exhibition in Chicago between the 25-27th June 2018.
They will be meeting with fresh food producers to discuss Ozone technologies for shelf life extension
Uri Bustan , Director

Ecozone Technologies designs and produces patented odor removal machines.
The company initiated the development of non-thermal-equilibrium plasma air pollution control technology. This research was funded by the EU as part of the Fifth European Framework Program. Work in these and related areas has resulted in U.S. patents, which are the foundation of the company’s products. The company's double dielectric barrier micro-discharge technology enables the production of portable mobile and stationary commercial ozone generators with high ozone output that can rapidly eliminate odor from various sources.
The company's customers include hotels, carpet cleaners, and dry cleaners.
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