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Nidaria Products Gallery


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Products Gallery
SafeSea is the first patented lotion that helps protect against the stinging of most Jellyfish, Blue bottle, Sea Lice, Coral and Sea Anemone. The product is based on a unique technology that exploits biochemical mechanisms to neutralize the jellyfish's sting. SafeSea
  • Nidaria R&D team operates two laboratories: a molecular & biochemistry lab
  • Safe Sea anti jellyfish sting suncreen- for freedom of the seas
  • Safe Sea anti jellyfish sting sunscreen- 50SPF for maximum protection
  • SafeSea anti jellyfish sting - product range
  • Safe Sea anti jellyfish sting sunscreen- 30 SPF for excellent protection from sea and sun
  • Safe sea sunscreeen in bottle- from 15-50 SPF
  • Safe Sea anti jellyfish sting sunscreen - especially formulated for Kids
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