Madan - Ma’agan Michael


Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael D.N. Menashe, Israel 37805
Contact Person:
Michael Aharonson
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Madan - Ma’agan Michael
Company Profile
Madan - Ma’agan Michael is a world class Fish Breeding Center. Madan is one of many highly respected and prosperous industries of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. The Kibbutz was founded in 1949, and is situated on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.Although originally established as an agricultural community Ma’agan Michael is world renowned as the owner of Plasson Ltd., a large-scale plastics manufacturing company, with an annual gross sale of over 150 million USD, and also for its...Read more

Michael Aharonson,

We specialize in the production of a wide range of high quality marine & fresh water edible fish fingerlings. Two of our main products are Hybrid Striped Bass and Barramundi fingerlings, which we export worldwide. We are currently producing 12 month a year: Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Red Drum, Carps and tilapia fingerlings.
We specialize in air shipment, and are able to meet the needs of any customer worldwide
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