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PO Box 1442 Yokneam 20692
Contact Person:
Gili Morad
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Morad Winery
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Morad Winery: Experience the Difference:
At the foot of lsrael's Carmel Mountains and amid the beauty of the fertile Galilee, the Morad Winery in Yokneam transforms nature's harvest into the world's finest kosher and kosher-for-Passover wines and liqueurs. Using fruits, vegetables and herbs, our winery produces a large selection of flavorful and exotic offerings - from passion fruit to pomegranate. Fragrant and multi-flavored, Morad's products...Read more

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Visitor Center's Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 8:30 16:30
Friday and eve of holidays: 8:30 l4:00
Saturday: closed
Gili Morad,

Amir, VP Marketing

Morad Winery is a unique Israeli winery which produces wine from fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal herbs. The winery is well known through out the world and is oftenly mentioned in leading newspapers, magazines and various TV shows.
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