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PO Box 2552, Afula 18100
Contact Person:
Yaniv Shapira
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Moraz - Galilee Medical Herbs
Company Profile
Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs is an Israeli company that specializes in the development and production of paramedical skin treatments and cosmetics that are based on medical herb extracts. Moraz was established in 1984 by Eliyahu Yahel, one of the greatest researchers of herbs in Israel in partnership with a number of cooperative communities in the north of the country. In 2004, Moraz was bought by Antan Investment GmbH,...Read more

Company News
Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs will be attendng COSMOPROF ASIA 2011: November 9 - 11

Want to be a Moraz Distributor?
We are in a process of expanding our businesses world wide.
If you want to join our partners' world wide, please contact:
Yaniv Shapira, Sales Director

Based on unique technological production methods of medical herbs extraction, Moraz developed products with a significantly high herbal concentrate (65%-100%), mainly sourced by the polygonum extract.

Polygonum, also known as knotweed or knotgrass, contains natural anti oxidant and anti-bacterial compounds that have been found to repair tissue and promote the healing of wounds. Polygonum is found in other countries and cultures, but the strain grown in Israel is known to have optimal biochemical properties than other strains around the world due to the unique climate, atmosphere and minerals found in the soil of the Galilee region.

The medical herbs used in Moraz unique formulas are grown in the Galilee and Jezreel Valley in traditional and organic methods, which guarantee the safety and efficiency of Moraz products. The herbal extracts in Moraz products enhance the skin's health and vitality and protect it against various skin conditions such as dry skin, wounds, burns, atopic dermatitis, chafes, teenage acne, lice, mosquito bites and more.

The concentration of 100% natural active ingredients ensures particularly effective products, which have been proved to be an excellent efficient solution for an array of skin problems through extensive clinical and lab trials, in Israel and abroad. Moraz is committed to fair trade, community activity and refraining from animal testing. The company's production plant does not pollute and is environmental friendly.
Business Opportunity
Moraz is looking for well established importers and distributors of medical, para-medical and cosmetic products that are interested in expanding their import to unique cosmeceutical products, in particular the Far East and Pacific Countries: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
Must have connections to relevant retailers such as: pharmacies, drug stores, pharmacies and natural health product shops.
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