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9 Derech Hashalom St. P.O.B. 515, Nesher 36651
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Amir Rippel
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NanoVibronix Inc.
Company Profile
NanoVibronix Inc. is a medical device company that is focused on creating medical products utilizing its proprietary low intensity acoustic technology.The company's patented technology allows for  creation of a miniature transducers that transmit low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound through flexible materials surfaces. This unique development may be utilized for a variety of additional medical applications requiring low cost therapeutic ultrasound qualities.The company's...Read more

Company News
We will be attending Medica, November, 17 - 20 2010, Booth G40, Hall 16 (Israel Pavilion) Dusseldorf, Germany!

-15 July, 2010
A sound solution to tendonitis: Healing tendon tears with a novel surface acoustic ultrasound patch

-28 May, 2010
NanoVibronix introduces Ultrasound Enhanced Instillation Therapy and 2 scientific posters at EWMA 2010, Geneva
Amir Rippel, VP Marketing

The PainShield is a novel, therapeutic ultrasound product. The PainShield is a portable, battery powered electronic unit that uses a disposable patch through which it delivers localized energy creating therapeutic effect to treat localized pain and induce soft tissue healing.

The UroShield is a multi-targeting solution intended to work against a number of factors that are essential in preventing urinary catheter related infection and clogging.

The NG-Shield employs Nanovibronix proprietary acoustic technology onto the Nasogastric tube in such a manner that it markedly reduces the trauma and effective friction of the tube and minimizes tube associated pain and discomfort.

All products have CE Mark certification and the PainShield has also FDA clearance.
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