Precise Implant System Ltd
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P.O.B 45469, Tel Aviv, 6145401
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Eitan Shtarkman
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Precise Implant System Ltd
Company Profile
Precise company believes in making dental implants by redefining precision in the process of manufacturing, marketing and service.We combine this new level of precision with simplicity and quality control together with state of the art scientific knowledge, to achieve vastimprovements over existing implants.The partners in Precise have more than 30 years of experience as leading developers and marketers of implants and prosthetic parts, with provensales of more than a million implants by...Read more

Eitan Shtarkman, CEO

Precise manufactures four types of dental implants and a variety of prosthetic parts, as well as extremely accurate, Internal-Hex, "one platform for all diameters" components, which enable the dentist to maintain a minimal inventory of prosthetic parts.
Our products are designed for maximum Bone-to-Implant-Contact (BIC), maximum initial stability, safe and easy insertion and high aesthetics.
Business Opportunity
Precise is seeking to connect with distributors who deal with dental implants and related products in the EU market
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