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Jerusalem Technology Park, Israel
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Seth Salpeter
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Sight Diagnostics
Company Profile
Sight Diagnostics is a medical device company developing a novel platform for diagnosing blood diseases using computer vision technology. Our detection technology combines cutting-edge applications from the fields of computer hardware, software and biology to deliver the fastest and most accurate diagnostic performance. Our flagship product, the Parasight plafrom, identifies, enumerates and speciates malaria more accurately than all other currently used diagnostics. In the future, our platform technology will...Read more

Company News
SightDX technology analysed in Malaria Journal - Click Here
Seth Salpeter, Ph.D, Chief Science Officer & VP Business Development

Yossi Pollak , CEO

Sarah Levy-Schreier , VP R&D

Sight Diagnostics specializes in utilizing advanced computer vision and machine learning technology in the realm of blood diagnostics.

SightDx’s initial product, the Parasight System, is the world’s first automated microscopy device for Malaria diagnosis. Malaria is still one of the world’s deadliest diseases, largely due to ineffective and costly diagnosis. This revolutionary platform provides better accuracy and ease of use. This product completed development and commercialization and is being sold and used in medical centers in India, Africa and Europe, becoming the first new commercial diagnostic in the malaria field since the inception of PCR.
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