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Mifraz Haifa 26110, Israel
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Avi Harel
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Vortex Ecological Technologies
Company Profile
Vortex Ecological Technologies develops Air Cleaning systems - Pollution Control systems - for the cleaning of industrial emission and industrial liquid flow from fine particles and gas pollutants in a scalable and cost-effective manner. Technology - Vortex’s core technology manipulates the physical forces created by a high velocity vortex motion of either gas or liquid inside a proprietary Vortex chamber to separate fine particles from a gas or liquid flow....Read more

Company News
Vortex Ecological Technologies will be attending the Pollutec exhibition in France - November 30 to December 3!
Industrial Emission Cleaning:
Wet-Vortex is used to clean both pollutant gasses and solid sub-micron particles.
Dry-Vortex is used to clean fine particles from gas/air.
SOx-Vortex is used to clean SOx from industrial emission.

Liquid Cleaning: Hydro-Vortex is used to clean industrial liquid from particles.
Vorsep is used to concentrate sludge by reducing the liquid out of the sludge.

Integrated Cleaning:
Integrated-Vortex is an integrated system where the Wet-Vortex captures the emitted pollutants while the Hydro-Vortex recycles the liquid for reuse, thus creating an efficient closed loop system.
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