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Amir Lazimi
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Flexi Floss
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Flexi Floss Ltd. is an Israeli start-up company developing state of the art oral hygiene products. Established in 2013 in Israel by a team of experts, Flexi Floss has developed and patented (pending) the flexible medical grade rubber silicone dental floss – the Gummy Floss™.The Gummy Floss™ offers a solution that makes flossing more comfortable and accepted by a larger part of the population.Proof of concept and performance was achieved by conducting successful human trials,...Read more

Amir Lazimi , CMO

Gummy Floss is an innovative dental hygiene device, custom designed with comfort and hygiene in mind to overcome the challenges of the common current dental flosses, making flossing fun, pain-free and comfortable for adults and children (over the age of 6) alike.
Gummy Floss is made of medical grade rubber silicone with easy thumb grips. The choice of material ensures flexibility and smoothness, which allow for easier use without compromising the results and oral hygiene. The colors and added taste encourage children to use it and not fear flossing.
Gummy Floss is only one of a series of oral hygiene products developed by Flexi-Floss.
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