Business Opportunities at Life Sciences
Date of offer Business Offer
15.12.2015 Zuf Globus Laboratories
Zuf Globus Laboratories is looking for distributors that have knowledge, experience and access to the dietary/food supplements and/or alternative medicine market
06.08.2014 Naveh Pharma
Naveh Pharma is a leading manufacturer of OTC Pharma products. The company markets its products under private label and as a company brand. We are looking for small pharmaceutical companies with marketing and sales departments to distribute or products (Medical reps, sales persons to pharmacies) in the smaller markets. In large population centers we are looking for a big pharmaceutical company that would market our products under private label. All our products are very effective and gain strong market share in each niche, regulated as Medical Devices of Classes I or IIA.
06.08.2014 Moraz Medical Herbs
Moraz is looking for well established importers and distributors of medical, para-medical and cosmetic products that are interested in expanding their import to unique cosmeceutical products, in particular the Far East and Pacific Countries: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Must have connections to relevant retailers such as: pharmacies, drug stores, pharmacies and natural health product shops.
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