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Akad Dies LTD
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Akad specializes in designing and manufacturing of progressive dies and punches for the sheet metal industry.


With over 30 years of experience the design and planning are done with close attention of the customer`s needs.


Moreover...Read more

Flexitech Ltd
9 Keren HaYesod Street Tirat HaCarmel 39026
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Flexitech Ltd. was founded in April 1999 by Leonid Kleiner, an engineer with extensive experience in printing technology. At first the company was operated under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade at its “Yozmot HaEmek”...Read more

Magma Magnetic Technologies
gesher, jordan valley
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Magma Magnetic Technologies develops and manufacturers small electromagnets.


Magma Magnet Industries Ltd. was founded in Kibbutz Gesher in the Jordan...Read more

Duma Optronics
1st Hazait Street, Oren Center, Nesher 20306
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Duma Optronics is a well established and rapidly growing company specializes in Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation technology.
The company was established late in 1989 by a group of researchers to serve the Optronics industry with innovative products. Duma...Read more

Maayan Metals
Kibbutz Maayan Baruch
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Maayan Metals Ltd., from Kibbutz Maayan Baruch, operates in a number of fields. While remaining flexible in design the company strictly adheres to standards of quality as well as delivery dates in Israel and abroad.

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Kibbutz Maayan Baruch
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Matechet Maayan has developed and manufactured casters and wheels since 1973. Matechet ma'ayan manufactures and markets it 's wheels and castors in Israel, and overseas under the trade name "Galilee"., Matechet ma'ayan is the largest and leading distributor...Read more

Ornit Blind Rivets
Kibbutz OR-HANER, M.P. Hof Ashkelon 79190
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Ornit Blind Rivets, a leading manufacturer, designer, marketer and provider of fastening solutions. Since 1975, Ornit boasts a broad range of multi-function fasteners suitable for both automatic assembly and manual...Read more

Spiral Supports - Fine Tunable Shelf Supports
15 Kamil Hoismans St Haifa,Israel
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The Spiral Support is a patented, fine tunable shelf support. Is is used exactly like any ordinary shelf support, however, whenever needed, it can easily be fine tuned in order to achieve perfect shelving.

Extal Ltd.
10 Eitam Street,Mishor Adumim
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Extal specializes in manufacturing aluminum profiles and developing systems. It is involved in many branches of industry: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and more.

Extal conducts diverse business activities among leading architects and...Read more

CGW - Camel Grinding wheels
Kibbutz Sarid, 36589, Israel
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CGW established in 1956 and gained an international recognition as a world-class manufacturer of bonded and coated abrasive products. The quality and cost-effectiveness of CGW products have made CGW the choice of leading corporations in countries all over the world. CGW's...Read more

Forma glow
Even Yehuda 40500 , PoBox :677 ,Israel
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FormaGlow is proud to introduce its innovative new technology for producing chemi-luminescent light sources. FormaGlows' technology enables a thin and flexible surface of any size, shape or color to illuminate.

ERM Systems
16 Hasar Shapira st. Rishon Lezion
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Onyx develops, manufactures, and markets innovative vehicle security, tracking, and management solutions for the local and international market. Onyx is the International Marketing brand name of ERM Systems LTD.

Hefer Systems & Controls Ltd.
POB 8016, Netanya 42504
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Hefer systems & controls ltd. is a leading company in the water, waste water and industrial processes industry offering controlling and measuring solutions for these industries. The company's diversified products include analyzers, controllers, sensors and electrodes for...Read more

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Serving industries around the world

• Established in 1950 • Supplier of industrial & High Tech compression Fittings and Valves • Traded on TSE since 1994 (Hamlet) • Worldwide...Read more

Bel Group Limited
P.O. Box 4, Beer Sheva
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BEL Group is a world specialist manufacturer of composite made pressure vessels and process equipments for the water and process industry. With more than 40 years of experience in the world of composite materials and winding driven products, BEL Group is serving the process...Read more

40 Hutzot Hayotzer Ashkelon,Israel
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SolidAT is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic level meters, advanced  level sensors and related solutions to major industrial customers and organizations world-wide
SolidAT's core competency is derived from...Read more

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