Israeli exports reach a record $114 billion in 2019


The Central Bureau and Statistics and Economy Ministry assessed that Israeli exports stood at $84 billion during the first nine months of 2019—a 4.6 percent increase from the same period last year!  Continue reading here 


Founded in 2003, SkyLimit is a global research, marketing, and sales firm that focuses on helping companies establish long-term export markets and overseas distribution.


In late 2008 we launched the to promote Israeli goods, technologies, trade relations, cooperation and strategic alliances with overseas companies.


Over the years we've developed tools and methodologies that have allowed us to research and reach distribution/sales channels across a wide range of industries. 


Here are some of the B2B research projects we provided for Israeli companies in 2019, many of these leads have led to great sales:


8 military electrical components suppliers in Spain
30 dental distributors in Germany
20 dental implant clinics in Germany with multiple locations
20 dental distributors in France
20 rigged equipment suppliers in the US
30 tower crane companies in the US
20 cosmetic contract manufacturers in Kenya and Italy
30 food manufacturers in the UK
30 baby product distributors in Japan, India and Germany
40 fire protection distributors in the US
20 Cosmetic contract manufacturers in Portugal
20 Cosmetic contract manufacturers in Italy
150 contacts of senior management in Israeli factories
30 Medical equipment distributors to Hospitals in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia
80 Security product distributors in the US
20 Leak detection equipment distributors in Italy and Spain
150 ERP software distributors in Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Chile  
60 Fire suppression equipment distributors in the US
60 cleaning /janitorial product distributors in the US
180 business supplies/IT distributors in the US
10 military equipment distributors in the UK
20 exporters of luxury cars in Belgium, Austria and Germany
40 Agriculture distributors in Japan and Portugal
40 Cosmetic ingredient distributors in Europe
60 USA water treatment equipment distributors
100 USA construction procurement managers
130 USA HVAC distributors
80 USA hospital suppliers
50 USA/EU consumer tech distributors
30 USA brewery equipment distributors
90 USA cosmetics/skincare distributors
80 USA distributors of AV technologies
150 Polish construction engineers
85 German pharma distributors
30 UK industrial washing machine distributors
60 EU agri/irrigation distributors
70 EU distributors of water control valves
50 dental distributors (Mexico, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic)
70 IT Integrators (Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica)
20 military equipment suppliers (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico)
60 dental implant/surgical distributors Southeast Asia
40 baby product distributors (Singapore, Japan and India)
30 fish farm equipment distributors (Singapore & Thailand)
20 agri/irrigation distributors South Central Africa 



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Israeli exports reach a record $114 billion in 2019
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