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Spa Cosmetics
12 Hamelacha St. Northeren Industrial Zone 71520 Lod,Israel
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Odeyah Industries Ltd.
Atarot Ind. Area, Jerusalem
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 Odeyah Industries Ltd. is a private company registered since 1992, with a long history of more than 31 years in the Cosmetic industry. The company operates  its own factory, producing a wide collection of cosmetic products, covering the treatment for the whole...Read more

Dr Dabour
Beit Jann Village PO box 1042, Beit Jann, Israel
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Dr. Dabour Ltd. is a company located in the north of the holyland on Mount Miron, the highest mountain of the Galilee, north of Nazareth and near the Jordan river.

Our products are produced through a combination of nature, health, technology and...Read more

SR Cosmetics
Industry 15 Ra`anana POB 2441
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Unique Gold SR Cosmetics Ltd. was established over a decade ago. The Company and brand name are internationally renowned for their unique products, uncompromising in quality, active components and strict standards.

The Company was founded on vision,...Read more

Pulcaris Ltd
972 0505 110212
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Pulcaris Ltd is an Israeli Startup company that is active in the Health & Beauty sector. 

Yisrael Kezra, together with a team of highly experienced Academics from the Hebrew University, has conducted intensive research into indigenious plants from the Negev...Read more

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories LTD
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AHAVA was founded 30 years ago and is a Dead Sea skin care cosmetic brand.
We are the only cosmetics company located on the shores of the Dead Sea.
Our mission is to offer the virtues of the Dead Sea using its most extraordinary ingredients and creating innovative...Read more

Alona Shechter Ltd
P.O. Box: 10410 Ramat Poleg Netanya 4265029
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Alona Shechter Ltd. is a company rich in knowledge in the area of innovation of beauty and health products. The company, which was founded in 1994, has a fine reputation in the cosmetics industry.

The company manufactures and markets personal care products based on...Read more

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CTS is one of Israel's most prominent pharmaceutical companies, with extensive activity across the healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries, agricultural and veterinary sectors. Tracing our national roots back to 1921 in Jaffa, we have been at the forefront of...Read more

Pharma Cosmetics Ltd
Nirim 4 St. Tel Aviv
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Pharma Cosmetics Ltd established in 1984, is active in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art skin care products. Using cutting edge technology,...Read more

Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories Ltd.
Yad Haruztim 20 Netanya
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Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories Ltd. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art, sophisticated, innovative skin care products backed by more than 50 years of experience.

The company, established in 1990, has its roots in a family business which had been operating since the...Read more

Health & Beauty Dead Sea Minerals
Ramat Hasharon, 47111 PO Box 1125
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Health and Beauty is producing and marketing top quality cosmetic products. These cosmetics are produced with Dead Sea minerals and vitamins enriched with plant extracts and aromatic oils, to make your skin...Read more

Dr.Eger - Olive Oil Products Industry Ltd
Yokneam Moshava, POB 20600
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Dr. Eger experts in Olive oil, developed a unique product line and exclusively, for one thing - to contribute to the health of your body!

Dr. Eger combines ancient medical knowledge with advanced technologies developed in collaboration with Prof....Read more

Hlavin Industries - The Solution To All Your Cosmetic Needs
Hataasia S Raanana
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Hlavin is a leading international cosmetics manufacturer and exporter -  specializes in the field of “cosmeceuticals” – cosmetics with distinct...Read more

Fashion TV Cosmetics
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Fashion TV Cosmetics is inspired by the world of glamorous fashion, haute couture creations, and jewelry. The brand was designed to be indulged in and enjoyed.

In FTV Cosmetics we aim to grant an absolutely gorgeous look to every one. ENJOYLLERY™ melds...Read more

Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories
7 Hamifalim St. Petach Tikva P.O.BOX 10225 ZIP 49002
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Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1957 as a professional cosmetic producer with only two products. Nowadays Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories has an array of over 400 quality...Read more

MiniPac Products
P.O Box 2022 Herzlia, Israel 46722
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Founded in 1969, MiniPac Products® Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of contract packaging in flexible individual pouches - sachets for leading vendors worldwide. Among our leading customers: Ahava – Dead Sea products, Life, Wella, Crema, and other leading drug...Read more

972 54 7712270
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CTS is one of Israel's most prominent pharmaceutical companies, with extensive activity across the healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries, agricultural and veterinary sectors. Tracing our national roots back to 1921 in Jaffa, we have been at the forefront...Read more

E.G. Cosmetics
19 Hahadas St. Or Aqiva 30600
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E.G.COSMETICS LABS LTD has been producing cosmetics and toiletries since 1979, and is comprised of a manufacturing unit with local marketing and export divisions.

At present, the company has more than 50 highly qualified employees, and a talented R&D team. The...Read more

Turmus st, 12a, Ramat Poleg Netanya 42206
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Roxo Ltd. was established in 2007 with the dedicated goal of creating and sharing beauty par excellence through its unique and luxurious collections of advanced skin care. 
Distributed worldwide through an extensive network of respected local...Read more

Leorex - Anti Wrinkle Cosmetics
P.O.B 15067 Matam, Haifa 31905
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Leorex Ltd. developed derma-cosmetic products based on nano-technology for treating skin problems. Established in 1999, Leorex is creating a constant stream of new products through an ongoing cycle of research and...Read more

ON Macabim
P.O. Box 2821 Bnei Brak 51212
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ON MACABIM is a company of The Judean Desert Herbs Group with an experience of more than 10 years in the area of skin health and cosmetics. Our laboratories and the products manufactured...Read more

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Established in 2007 by Dr. Dov Luxman, Biopeptix® is an innovative professional product line containing novel active ingredients based on the best in dermatological research findings, such as bio-peptides, growth factors and anti-glycation...Read more

HIKARI Laboratories
207 Rishonim st., Bnei Atarot 6099100
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HIKARI Laboratories focuses on transferring findings from the research on longevity into cosmetics. In this way the company is targeting cosmetic products with novel properties such as health benefits and age reversing benefits. This activity puts the company in the forefront...Read more

RoshNakki Ltd.
9a Diskin Street, Jerusalem Medical Center
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100% natural ingredients to kill lice and remove nits!

Killing lice is easy....removing the nits (eggs) are the problem.

Most chemical or natural products that are available in drug stores are successful 90% of the time in...Read more

Smart Derm Technologies
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Smart Derm Technologies is an Israeli startup Company developing new cosmeceutical products for Anti Aging skin care.      Our products are based on novel cutting edge nano formulations.
In the Anti Aging industry nanotechnology...Read more

Christina - It Just Works
58 Amal st, Kiryat Arie, Petah Tikva
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Christina develops specialized skincare solutions addressing a wide range of skin conditions for qualified skin professionals and their customers worldwide.

Working together...Read more

Dr Fischer - Fischer Pharmaceuticals
P.O.Box 39071, Tel Aviv 61390
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Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd., founded in 1965, is a multi-national company specializing in anti-aging skin and health care products. 
The company's initial...Read more

Dr Kleēin Cosmetics
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Dr. Kleēin Cosmetics was founded in 2009 because of a passion for aesthetics and scientific research. This passion has enabled the creation of innovative products that anticipate the needs of consumers. A continuing commitment to excellence and high professional work creates...Read more

Mommy Care
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Mommy Care is a family business that was established in Israel in 2004. Today Mommy Care is one of the most respected skin care brands in Israel, and is sold internationally. We specialize in the development and manufacture of skin care products for expecting moms, babies and...Read more

Desert Daughter
Tel Sheva POB 306, 84950, Israel
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Desert Daughter, a unique line of authentic Bedouin cosmetics and healing products manufactured in modern, well-equipped facilities, is the first cosmetics line of its kind in the world. The plants and the herbs for the products are harvested and crafted in the spirit of...Read more

DPL - Disposable Hygienic Products LTD
29 HaEshel Street South Industrial Park Caesarea 38900
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DPL was founded in 1994 , is part of “Neopharm consumer Products", which is engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of consumer products and non-prescription drugs.
The company operates from a new 50,000 sqm production site, equipped with latest...Read more

Chic Cosmetics
972 52 5537146
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Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. is a future-oriented, go-ahead company that develops, manufactures and markets a diversified range of beauty care products both under its own brand and for private label requirements. We take pride in our...Read more

Beauty Treat
972 54 5712078
Tirat HaCarmel
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"Beauty Treat" –(established in2004) is an Israeli company that manufactures and markets unique materials and...Read more

E.L Erman, Cosmetic Manufacturing
3 Haplada st. P.O.B 12189 Ashdod,
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E.L. Erman is the largest producer of Private Labels for face, hair, body, professional use, makeup and nutritional supplements products in Israel. Specializing in producing private label and packaging designed to your specifications.
E.L. Erman employs over 300...Read more

CTS at Cosmoprof
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CTS will be launching a new line of personal...Read more
Magiray Cosmetics
6. HaSolelim str
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 The series of cosmetic products \"Magiray\" has been developed and manufactured since 1995.

Successful and steady advancement of \"Magiray\" company is ensured by the observance of the principle \"S + T\" (science +...Read more

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JENORIS is proud to present a series of professional hair products, developed by a team of professionals - chemists, pharmacists & hairdressers, using best quality raw materials. The line is made of specific raw materials, namely Pistachio oil and Sage...Read more

S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics
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The S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company is situated in the, Northern dessert of The Israeli Negev, not far from where Cleopatra, bathed in the rich minerals of the Dead Sea, and like the Greeks, Romans and Turks who lived in this land bathed and massaged,...Read more

Kibbutz Galuyot st. 34 66550 Tel Aviv
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Our History
Founded in 1998, Kamedis Ltd. is the joint venture of an Israeli group of three experienced practitioners of Chinese Medicine, all experts in the treatment of skin diseases. Each holds a master's degree in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)...Read more

Azur 58001 6 Hahazav St.
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B.4.U Ltd. Company was established in 1999 by Yoav and Nirit Gazit and has a factory, laboratory and export division. The company has professional certificates - GMP, ISO 9001, and...Read more

Blue Cosmetics - Dreams To Take Home
P.O. Box 8058 Petach Tikva 49651
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What is so special about BLUE products? 

BLUE products contain a very high percentage of Original Minerals from the Dead Sea which are known to be the best vehicle to retain moisture in the skin. The Dunaliella Algae (SeaWeed) that is included in...Read more

Mersea Dead Sea Products
Hamal 1/8 Ashdod
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MERSEA'S office and warehouse are located in the main city sea port ASHDOD that provides the company the luxury of easy and low cost transport of products to the port and around the world. MERSEA'S factory is located in the nearest city to the Dead Sea named...Read more

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