Arak Kawar 45 Green in the LCBO Stores in Toronto


Arak Kawar 45 Green is finally available on the shelves of LCBO's stores in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The LCBO joins the SAQ and is the second Liquor Board who sells Arak Kawar.


Kawar Arak is produced from natural Syrian aniseed, 100% grape alcohol made from sweet white grapes from the Galilee, and purified water. These three expensive, natural and quality ingredients, when combined with advanced know-how and technology, produce a premium, methanol-free arak.


The use of automated distillation and measuring technology requiring no human intervention ensures that each drop in every bottle has the same consistent taste. Indeed, there is no difference between the first and millionth bottle produced. Such high standards bring arak production to a new and higher level.

The Kawar plant employs a food engineer and food technologist responsible for product development. The factory also has a sophisticated R&D lab and quality assurance (QA) system.

Kawar Arak is offered at three different levels of alcohol based on market needs:

  • Delicate: Kawar Delicate Premium Green – 45% (90 proof)
  • Classic: Kawar Premium Red Classic – 50% (100 proof)
  • Premium: Kawar Premium Black – 53% (106 proof)

The products are marketed throughout Israel in top restaurants, bars, pubs, wine stores and gourmet food chains. Kawar Arak is produced with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health and under rabbinical supervision.

Kawar Arak earned a gold medal at the prestigious 2010 Terravino Mediterranean International Wine & Spirit Challenge competition, and at International Wine & Spirit Competition held in London on July 2011.



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