Video: Aerotel's 'Medi-CliniQ' in Action - Innovation in Telemedicine & Telecare Solutions


Aerotel's partner in Italy produced this short video introducing Aerotel's 'Medi-CliniQ' – a unique device which allows the supply of primary health care services to mobile patients where medical staff is scarce



Medi-CliniQ™ (developed by Aerotel) is a public device designed to supply primary health care services to mobile patients where medical staff is scarce: remote areas as well as locations such as pharmacies and private clinics.



Capable of connecting different medical devices with digital output, it can accommodate an unlimited amount of users. Medi-CliniQ™ can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in modules, according to client specifications.


On-screen, user-friendly guidelines direct patients on how to perform necessary tests.

Conversely, all tests can be conducted by an on-site technician who logs in patients. Once Medi-CliniQ™ acquires data, it automatically transmits it to the MPM Receiving Center via Internet for immediate analysis and Web posting.


Professionals interested in learning more about Aerotel - can email us at: 



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