Case Study: Increasing Israeli Exports - From Research to Outreach


For over six years the has been actively (and aggressively) promoting Israeli export companies to world markets.


The promotional campaigns that we manage are not focused on the masses, we are targeting very specific people (depending on the industry).


Once we find those relevant people (distributors/reps/importers/buyers/entrepreneurs/etc..) we then look for ways/reasons that will allow us to strike up a conversation with them.


Creating conversations with relevant professionals is the key that will open up doors for exporters and get the exports (products and services) rolling in foreign markets. Too many companies/exporters waste time and money on various mass marketing strategies that simply don't work.


What do exporters need?
1- Accurate channel partner research/intelligence
2- The right tools to move forward in the sales process.


People are often asking us: "What is it that you guys exactly do?"


The following case study will show how our process/platform works and how we are able to provide extreme value for Israeli export companies (and increase exports!)


Our goal is to provide our companies with ongoing information on the markets they are interested in selling to.


If a cosmetic company is interested in selling in the US market - We will find the right decision makers/distributors/importers etc.. that would be relevant for this cosmetic company.


If a water tech company is interested in the German market - we will find the right local professionals that would be relevant for this water tech company.



An medical company in the medical tubing industry expressed interest in approaching EU medical device manufacturers in order to introduce their lines of medical tubes.


Finding the right EU medical device manufacturers that would be relevant for this medical tubing company to approach.


In order to overcome this challenge we decided to focus on the EU competitors of this medical tubing company and find the medical device manufacturers these competitors are selling to in the EU market.


The Process:

Stage 1: Research
Our two goals in the research process:
1- Finding the right medical device manufacturer in the EU market
2- Finding the right decision makers to approach within those manufacturers


The Research Process in a Nutshell



Stage 2:

From Research to Outreach (Lead Generation)
Once we have an accurate list of EU medical device companies who are currently purchasing medical tubes – We can now move forward in the process and find the relevant decision makers to approach within these medical device companies.


Moving Forward:
We know two things: we have a seller and a buyer:
1- The competitor is selling medical tubes
2- The medical device manufacturer is buying medical tubes


Here is where we ask ourselves:
A medical device manufacturer with over 200 employees …

  • Who is making the buying decisions? 
  • Is it the buyer?
  • Is the buyer just receiving orders from the senior management? 
  • Who in the senior management is the decision maker? Etc...


To solve this challenge:
We have developed in-house tools that allow us to effectively map out the main players within the company and find the right decision maker within the company.


Information to Run With:
The beauty of accurate channel partner research is that the information does not become bathroom reading material. The information is brought to life. Sales/Biz dev/ managers can now run forward with the information.


The team can now supply this medical tube company with ongoing lists of relevant and accurate potential leads.


This is how we increase Israeli exports.


(Our mother company provides the ongoing business development/sales for Israeli export companies)


"The Service is a Game Changer for Israeli Export Companies" (AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies, April 2015)



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