Pictures: Tal Azulay - 3D Jewelry Design


By combining modern techniques with the traditional methods of jewelry crafting, as well as using top-quality resources, Tal Azulay succeeds in creating those most exquisite pieces that define Tal Azulay Jewelry.


3D Jewelry Design


The Tal Azulay Jewelry design team uses a Solidscape 3D printer hooked up to the Rhino 3D modeling software.

Rhino 3D modeling software is a "playground for [the jewelry designer's] imagination and a workbench where…ideas become masterpieces." With Rhino, the jewelry designer can create a 3D model of an idea, and then fine-tune it until the perfect rendering is achieved.

Once this is done, the data is sent to the Solidscape printer where a wax casting is created, ready to be handed over to the craftspeople who will transform it into the finished piece.


Stage 1: The jeweler's design is visualized in a highly accurate 3D image



Stage 2: The design is then "printed out" in very fine layers of wax that eventually produce a 3D mold, ready to be casted, and then refined by hand.




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