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The Trendlines Group is Israel’s leading seed-stage investor, investing principally through its platform of Israeli government-licensed business accelerators. The Trendlines Group establishes, invests in, and develops innovation-based medical and agritech businesses to improve the human condition.


The (Since 2008) is a hyper-focused service/program for Israeli export companies seeking to enter new markets. We work with companies across all industries. Our ultimate goal within the program is to provide accurate information on the most relevant channel partners (+contact details of relevant managers within those channels) for our companies. (the is a program within


On Tuesday we had the opportunity to present the service/program to several portfolio companies of the Trendlines Group.


Over the years we've provided some nice value for two Trendlines companies: Breezy and Edenshield.


Breezylike, established in 2008, has developed a unique product aimed at combating halitosis, utilizing a user friendly sugarless lollipop


Edenshield, established in 2012, has developed a nontoxic insect control system for greenhouse crops


In our presentations, we showed what we did and what these companies received.


(Breezy and Edenshield both recommended the to Trendlines)


Leaving the Incubator & Entering the Market:


Companies leaving incubators cannot waste time, they must be super focused on activities that will lead to generating revenue.


Generating revenue is the name of the game.


Generating revenue begins with starting conversations with the most relevant people in the company's target



Creating conversations, sales and generating revenue can only happen when there is accuracy in the channel partner research.


No company can afford to waste time dealing with irrelevant people.


The Solution:


Accuracy in B2B Channel Partner Research


What makes our program unique?

1- Our B2B channel partner research that we provide for our companies is very accurate.
2- Our program is very structured
3- Our service is cost effective


Matchmaker! Matchmaker! Make me a match! Find me a find! Catch me a catch!


Remember that song from Fiddler on the Roof?


All Chava is looking for is one good guy.


On some levels, B2B lead generation is really all about connecting with a few good relevant people in each market to get the ball rolling. When the research is accurate and the companies have a great sales, biz dev team in place - a match is bound to happen.


Work Process:


With both companies (Breezy & Edenshield) we work according to the following process:


In a Nutshell!

  1. Defining target markets
  2. Defining and understanding the competitors in those markets: what they are doing, who they are selling to (dealers, distributors, etc..)
  3. In-depth research of the most relevant 'players' in those markets 
  4. Research of the most relevant managers + personal contact details.
  5. LinkedIn outreach that will increase product awareness

All research information, contacts and leads are then sent to the companies. (usually they get updated every few days )



B2B channel partner research can often become complex and time consuming, and that's why we invest a great deal of time and money in developing our tools, methodologies, service and program. These efforts allow us to provide accurate information for companies on the and lead the B2B research, marketing and lead generation industry.
It was great to have the opportunity to introduce the service/program to the portfolio companies of the Trendlines Group.


Pictures from our meeting with Trendlines!









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