E-CoolSense – Innovative Anaesthetic Device That Numbs the Skin Prior to Injection


The E-Coolsense is an invaluable tool for clinicians and doctors performing medical or cosmetic procedures, it also greatly improves quality of life for individuals who undergo injections on a daily basis.



E-CoolSense is a local anesthetic device, the product of extensive R&D resulting in
a revolutionary, though simple, hand-held device that anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system with no chemicals and no after effects.


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When stored in a freezer compartment, the device is immediately ready for use. It numbs the site of injection within 3-5 seconds.


COOLSENSE consists of an applicator, which has an in-built temperature gauge, as well as an antiseptic component to clean the applicator.


CoolSense provides pain relief and prevents the skin from being harmed and burned during the injection.

The E-CoolSense’s head unit includes a disinfection mechanism, containing an alcoholic gel. The gel is spread over the applicator’s metal surface, serving as an additional protection against a skin cold-burn.


  • E-CoolSense can be used repeatedly as long as it is restored in a freezer.
  • E-CoolSense is suitable for babies, children, adults and the elderly.
  • For painless injection procedures in Clinics, Hospitals and at Home!

CoolSense has been satisfactorily in use by doctors and individuals all over the world since 2009.


CoolSense is CE and FDA approved.


To ensure appropriate sanitary conditions when using the CoolSense and complement the user’s experience, CoolSense Medical offers the SteriSense, a triple-head sterilizer for concurrent disinfection of three CoolSense heads.


Coolsense is currently seeking to connect with distributors who work directly with children's hospitals, Dept's of Dermatology, organizations and institutions that deal with Diabetes for children, distributors who deal with products for infertility treatments, Blood test labs

In the following countries:
UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux


Professionals interested in learning more - can email us: contact@israelexporter.com 



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