EZpack's Water Supply Solution for Fire Trucks at the Front Line


When fighting fires in rural areas or forests the most important issue becomes the water supply to the fire trucks. A typical fire truck holds 500-1,000 gallon (2,000-4,000 liter) of water.



When hydrants are not available for online water supply the fire trucks need to leave the “line of Fire” thus reducing the effectiveness of the firefighting front line.


Water transportation heavily relies on a fleet of tankers and water trailers. Such a fleet is both expensive with significant maintenance cost attached to it. In order to be ready for peak demand or sudden emergency needs the investment involve in such fleet is very high.


EZPack offers a new Concept of pushing water to the front line by using fast deployment kits that convert any mobile flat platform to a modified water tanker.


The company developed a module that allows easy conversion of flatbed truck (or trailer) into a tanker. Within an hour a team of two persons can transfer a truck or trailer into a water tanker. No heavy or special tools are required.


Picture: EZpack solution for water supply



EZPack Water Tanker Module is the ideal solution for water supply to fire trucks.


The concept of Water-Push:

  • The fire trucks stay close to the fire line.
  • The water is pushed forward.
  • EZPack converted flatbed platform are called into action and being modified within hours (the first one is ready after an hour).
  • The Water-Push platform are shuttling between the fire line and the nearest available water source for a constant water supply.
  • At the end of the event, the equipment is stored in a relatively small and compact storage area, ready for the next event.

The Water-Push kit converts any flatbed platform into a water tanker in only a fraction of the regular cost. Between fire events the platform can be used for other transportation tasks. (Extremely better return on investment)

  • EZPack basic module is 3 meters (~10 feet) built on 6 bladders of 250 gallon (1,000 liter) each in 2 floors
  • Staright truck can carry 2 modules with total of 14 bladders which is 14,000 liter (~4,000 gallon).
  • An 18 wheelrs can carry 4 modules with total of 28 bladders which is 28,000 liter (~8,000 gallon).

All bladders are connected to single in/out valve, and fuel pump of 500-1000 liter/min (~125 – 250 GPM). Each bladder also has its own valve. Valves are controlled annually, or by electric valves with a central control unit.


Professionals interested in learning more - can email at: contact@israelexporter.com 




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