Case Study: How We Help Israeli Exporters to Enter New Markets


(Hillel Porath - Co-FounderDirector of Marketing) - 



The website you are on now is not just a website showcasing unique Israeli companies - this website also serves as a platform/service for Israeli export companies seeking to enter new markets.


We offer a very structured and focus service for companies across all industries. Our goal is to

provide accurate information on potential channel partners.


I strongly believe that accuracy in proper channel partner research (more than anything else) is the key that leads to increasing exports and overseas sales.


One of our popular channel partner research services is our competitor B2B research.


Competitive research is often used to better understand your competitors products, services, pricing models, value propositions and more...


If we take this one step further - competitive research can be used to understand who are the actual customers of your competitors, In the B2B realm, this simply means - who are their channel partners, distributors, dealers, retail contacts and more..


My first piece of advice to companies interested in entering a new market is: invest your efforts right now in understanding who your competitors are currently dealing with in that market. If you don't have direct competitors (with similar products) find a company that is targeting the same market as yours. There is no need to start the research process from scratch - on some levels your competitors have pretty much paved the way for you.


One very recent story:


We have an agri produce company that expressed interest in selling in Singapore.


My first assumption was: this is not going to work. Importers, distributors etc.. in the agri-produce industry in Singapore have plenty of nearby countries to import from.


Why would they be interested in one small far away country?


To make a long story short...we gave it a shot:

  1. Our first goal was to identify the major EU competitors selling in Singapore.
  2. The next step was to identify the local channel partners of these competitors in Singapore.
  3. To find the relevant contact details within these companies in Singapore.

For over a period of three weeks of research we were able to come up with a nice list of potential companies + contacts.


Our client made contact with these companies and turns out that one importer was in the process of seeking a new supplier!


Within a few days an order was placed and since then there have been repeat orders with good feedback.


Accurate B2B research - leads to more sales. 


To learn more about the - email us at: 




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