Aerotel's Digital ECG Device Launched in Cebu


As reported in the Cebu Daily News (August 5): 


"Heartline Telemedical Services has established a center in Cebu to offer its digital devices for remote health monitoring. David Rubin, president and chief executive officer of telemedical device manufacturer Aerotel Medical Systems, said the HeartView P12/8i will allow users to do ECG scans on their own and send the recording to their doctor for analysis."

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The HeartView P12/8i


About The HeartView P12/8i

The HeartView P12/8i is a 12 (or 8) lead ECG event Recorder/Transmitter. It is a small yet very powerful device with high resolution 12-Lead ECG recording technology. The HeartView P12/8i is designed for patient use by its unique method of recording. The HeartView P12/8i enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data from any place, at any time. The recorded ECG is automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to Aerotel’s Mobile CliniQ App installed in your mobile device. The ECG data is then automatically sent from your mobile device to your cardiac call center for immediate diagnosis by using Aerotel’s HeartLine Receiving Station (HRS) or any other compatible system. When necessary, it can also be transmitted acoustically, via a land line phone, directly to your cardiac call center. Continue Reading Here!

David Rubin
President & CEO at Aerotel Medical Systems on Stage in Cebu!



About Aerotel

Aerotel Medical Systems is a world-leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality and user-friendly medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, eHealth and telemedicine, as well as telecare and personal safety.
The company provides a complete disease management package; including transtelephonic and wireless devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic and monitoring applications, hardware and software platforms for remote monitoring call centers, as well as phone, cellular and web-based monitoring software.
With a client base in over 50 countries around the globe, Aerotel enables patients to conduct tests comfortably while leading normal, mobile lives.


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