Pictures and Case Study - Selling to the Israeli Market


Cargo theft is a growing global concern with stolen loads resulting in thousands, even millions of dollars worth the lost products.

Cargo theft is increasing and companies are looking into more secure trucking companies who incorporate the latest technologies on their fleets.

Australian based company SteelSafe offers a unique solution to help combat this global concern. More and more companies are integrating the SteelSafe technology in order to effectively secure their cargoes.


SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer
In a nutshell: When a truck equipped with this device is stolen, the owner can track it with the device’s GPS system and using a mobile phone or computer, activate the system which will then release air from the brakes, slowing the truck down and stopping it within 5 minutes.


Entering the Israeli Market:
From vehicle and fleet tracking to control, Israel today is a global leader in the vehicle safety industry.


SteelSafe expressed interest in entering the Israeli market and chose to work with Skylimit. (parent company of the and #1 in opening up markets for companies!)


Work Process:

The Skylimit team connected with the leading vehicle tracking companies in Israel. Several companies expressed interest in learning more about SteelSafe.


The Skylimit team scheduled meetings with these companies.
In each meeting with the companies we introduced the SteelSafe technology, the market research and market potential.


Moving Forward
After paving the way for SteelSafe, the SteelSafe senior management team visited Israel this past week to meet with Israeli vehicle tracking companies interested in integrating the SteelSafe technology.

It was a successful week! See pictures from this past week












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