When a City Declares State of Emergency Due to Contaminated Water


Last month, The City of Newburgh (NY) declared a State of Emergency due to the discovery of a contaminant in the water.


In this specific case the city was able to source clean water from nearby locations.

However, not so is the case for many cities around the world when faced with a major clean water for drinking issue that can have an almost immediate effect on the entire city.



In fact, many municipalities are not even prepared for such a 'storm'.


People can survive days without food, but only hours without water.


Lack of drinking water needs to be addressed immediately, and it is one of the first issues authorities need to deal with in any disaster or emergency. Water needs to be supplied to the population and to the first response and rescue teams.



Based on extensive experience of dealing with emergency situations, the Israel Water Authority has developed the following guidelines for water crises:

  • The system should be based on portable water storage distribution systems, which can be easily and quickly deployed.
  • The water distribution station should be arranged so an individual will not have to walk more than 400 meters (450 yards) to get water.
  • Crises duration expected to last up to 10 days (until normal water supply is renewed).
  • Minimum drinking water per day per person is 4 liters (1 gallon water).

Based on those guidelines EZPack Water has developed its Portable Water Storage & Distribution System (PWSDS).


EZPack's PWSDS system is a comprehensive water solution for emergency and disaster situations.


EZPack's PWSDS system




It includes an advanced water bladder, with the integral food-graded inner layer, equipped with all the required accessories.


The system is easy to operate and compact to store, and can be assembled very quickly.


The EZPack water bladder provides clean and fresh water in any environment. The proprietary food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and at drinking condition for many months.


The PWSDS requires very small are for storage; can be transported easily on any vehicle – pickup, truck, trailer, etc. and can be placed directly on any type of ground (rocky, mud, etc.).


Water can be delivered by gravitation, or by using manual or electrical pump.


The PWSDS provides solution for storing water (large and small volume), water distribution and water transport.


Professionals seeking to learn more about EZpack - can email at: hillel@skylimit.co.il



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