Company Spotlight: Unique Gold SR Cosmetics Ltd


Unique Gold SR Cosmetics Ltd. was established over a decade ago. The Company and brand name are internationally renowned for their unique products, uncompromising in quality, active components and strict standards.


The Company was founded on vision, knowledge and professionalism, headed by Shuly Harel Rodrig and her businessman husband.


With over forty years of experience and proven field work, SR Cosmetics was established and it represents quality on all levels, in all of the series of our products.


The components of the products are the result of unique scientific developments carefully tested by the plant’s quality control system, and bear international ISO & GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Product standards. This ensures that the product is indeed efficient and sterile, both in professional use and in home use. The SR Company products, therefore, provide responses and solutions to different skin types, and the results are visible.


The Company presents innovative standards and uses innovative and proven technologies. Our uniqueness lies in designated products at the proper doses and concentrations, and a combination of effective components with the right result. SR proudly waives the flag of success in repairing skin damage at different levels in the most efficient and safe manner. The Company employs as team of capable, reliable and professional cosmeticians who provide support and guidance throughout all of the stages of the cosmetician’s work with the Company’s products.


Our distribution policy is selective, the Company’s products being sold only at marketing centers, intended only for the treating cosmetician! The types of products are designated for treating the external and internal causes of the different skin ailments, such as new technologies for repairing the damage of time to the skin, i.e. anti-aging treatment using cosmeceutical formulas, peptides, vitamins H & A with a high and active concentration, plant stem cells, peeling acids at different levels, some of which contribute to melting tiny wrinkles, and some to level 1-3 peeling.


There are kits designated for home treatment, contributing to treatment of problematic skin and whitening pigmentation spots at different levels and innovative kinds of treatment using unique methods of mesotherapy. Use of the electrical mesotherapy instrument is taught by Shuly Rodrig in workshops, and these methods are exclusive to SR Cosmetics!


The Company presents, trains and teaches the proper and proven methods of facial treatment both at home and in the clinic as follow-up maintenance, and this on a weekly basis at all of the centers of the marketing companies in Israel. Thus, best results are attained both short and long term. The reputation of SR Cosmetics has been established through years of meticulous work, professionalism, reliability, knowledge and full assuredness of the success of the treating cosmeticians.







SR Cosmetics will be exhibiting at the Intercharm Beauty Show in Russia! -> Stand: 14G49
Dates: October 26-29


Professionals interested in learning more about SR Cosmetics - please email: 



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